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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this? Can't I just use environment variables?

Feature flags are not environment variables. If you need to update your flag values without restarting your application, target specific users, randomly assign values for experimentation, or perform scheduled roll-outs, you should consider using feature flags. If the values are always static, an environment variable or static configuration may be sufficient.

For more information on feature-flagging concepts, see feature-flagging.

Why is it called "flagd"?

Please see naming.

What is flagd's relationship to OpenFeature?

flagd is sub-project of OpenFeature and aims to be fully OpenFeature-compliant.

How do I run flagd?

You can run flagd as a standalone application, accessible over HTTP or gRPC, or you can embed it into your application. Please see architecture and installation for more information.

Why doesn't flagd support {my desired feature}?

Because you haven't opened a PR or created an issue!

We're always adding new functionality to flagd, and welcome additions and ideas from new contributors. Don't hesitate to open an issue!