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Web provider


⚠ This provider requires the use of the experimental @openfeature/web-sdk:

npm install @openfeature/web-sdk
npm install @openfeature/flagd-web-provider


The FlagdWebProvider communicates with flagd via the connect protocol.

Available options

Option name Type Default Description
host string sets the host used to connect to the flagd instance
pathPrefix string "" sets the path at which the flagd gRPC service is available, for example: /api/flagd (optional)
port number 443 sets the port used to connect to the flagd instance
tls boolean true when set to true the provider will attempt to connect to flagd via https
maxRetries number 0 Sets the maximum number of retries for a connection to be made to the flagd instance. A value of 0 means unlimited. A negative value means no retries.
maxDelay number 60000 sets the maximum time in ms to wait between reconnect intervals


If the connection to the flagd instance fails, the provider will attempt to reconnect with an exponential back-off. The maxDelay and maxRetries can be specified to customize reconnect behavior.

Event streaming

The FlagdWebProvider receives events from flagd with changes. Combined with the event API in the web SDK, this allows for subscription to flag value changes in clients.

client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.Ready, () => {
  // do something when the configuration has changed.


The FlagdWebProvider evaluates flags in bulk, taking into account the evaluation context, and then caches them in memory for local evaluation. The cache is invalidated when flag configuration change events are received.


  new FlagdWebProvider({
    host: '',
    port: 443,
    tls: true,
    maxRetries: 10,
    maxDelay: 30000,