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Starts-With / Ends-With Operation Specification

This evaluator selects a variant based on whether the specified property within the evaluation context starts/ends with a certain string.

// starts_with property name used in a targeting rule
"starts_with": [
  // Evaluation context property the be evaluated
  {"var": "email"},
  // prefix that has to be present in the value of the referenced property  

The implementation of this evaluator should accept the object containing the starts_with or ends_with evaluator configuration, and a data object containing the evaluation context. The starts_with/ends_with evaluation rule contains exactly two items:

  1. The resolved string value from the evaluation context
  2. The target string value

The starts_with/ends_with evaluation returns a boolean, indicating whether the condition has been met.

Please note that the implementation of this evaluator can assume that instead of {"var": "email"}, it will receive the resolved value of that referenced property, as resolving the value will be taken care of by JsonLogic before applying the evaluator.

The following flow chart depicts the logic of this evaluator:

flowchart TD
A[Parse targetingRule] --> B{Is an array containing exactly two items?};
B -- Yes --> C{Is targetingRule at index 0 a string?};
B -- No --> D[Return false];
C -- Yes --> E{Is targetingRule at index 1 a string?};
C -- No --> D;
E -- No --> D;
E --> F[Return a boolean value indicating if the first string starts/ends with the second string];