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flagd start

Start flagd

flagd start [flags]


  -C, --cors-origin strings         CORS allowed origins, * will allow all origins
  -h, --help                        help for start
  -z, --log-format string           Set the logging format, e.g. console or json (default "console")
  -m, --management-port int32       Port for management operations (default 8014)
  -t, --metrics-exporter string     Set the metrics exporter. Default(if unset) is Prometheus. Can be override to otel - OpenTelemetry metric exporter. Overriding to otel require otelCollectorURI to be present
  -r, --ofrep-port int32            ofrep service port (default 8016)
  -o, --otel-collector-uri string   Set the grpc URI of the OpenTelemetry collector for flagd runtime. If unset, the collector setup will be ignored and traces will not be exported.
  -p, --port int32                  Port to listen on (default 8013)
  -c, --server-cert-path string     Server side tls certificate path
  -k, --server-key-path string      Server side tls key path
  -d, --socket-path string          Flagd socket path. With grpc the service will become available on this address. With http(s) the grpc-gateway proxy will use this address internally.
  -s, --sources string              JSON representation of an array of SourceConfig objects. This object contains 2 required fields, uri (string) and provider (string). Documentation for this object:
  -g, --sync-port int32             gRPC Sync port (default 8015)
  -f, --uri .yaml/.yml/.json        Set a sync provider uri to read data from, this can be a filepath, URL (HTTP and gRPC) or FeatureFlag custom resource. When flag keys are duplicated across multiple providers the merge priority follows the index of the flag arguments, as such flags from the uri at index 0 take the lowest precedence, with duplicated keys being overwritten by those from the uri at index 1. Please note that if you are using filepath, flagd only supports files with .yaml/.yml/.json extension.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   config file (default is $HOME/.agent.yaml)
  -x, --debug           verbose logging


  • flagd - Flagd is a simple command line tool for fetching and presenting feature flags to services. It is designed to conform to Open Feature schema for flag definitions.